Kirchner Chiropractic Clinic


The chiropractic clinic provides chiropractic from a comprehensive approach. Combining chiropractic adjustments, craniopathy, and kinesiology. Chiropractic treatments at the Kirchner Clinic are individualized to each patient.

With various treatment programs we can focus on what you are looking for, whether it be an option to get you in and out and back to work as quickly as possible. Or, whether you are looking for a program to achieve a particular goal which may require a longer plan of treatments. We work with you to answer your individual needs.


Kirchner Chiropractic Clinic was founded in 1961 by Dr KE Kirchner and his wife Lois. Dr KE Kirchner spent years studying chiropractic, acupuncture, craniopathy, applied kinesiology, regional orthopedics and many other treatment techniques. He created a treatment protocol for his patients that was sought after by patients in the tri-state area. Indeed, he treated over 35000 patients in his career from countries all over the world.

Dr Darren Kirchner, son of Dr KE and Lois, was born and raised in Kahoka. Dr Kelley was born and raised in Bonaparte, Iowa. They met at age 18, were married at age 19 and have one grown son who currently lives in Colorado. They took over full time operation of Kirchner Clinic in 2008 from Dr KE Kirchner.