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Kirchner Clinic

Answers for your Health Problems

Regain your life: a proven, drug-free path to wellness for all your unresolved health concerns

Structural Problems

Spinal Problems

Joint Problems

Muscle Problems

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 Chronic and Degenerative Diseases

Often, common diseases have an

effective, natural treatment option that

many people are unaware of. 

Let us help you sort through your options.

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We hear it all the time… “I wish I had come here sooner!”

Are you tired of trying out new things without results? Have you tried multiple chiropractors and physical therapy? Are you tired of going back for appointment after appointment and never knowing when you’re going to get your life back?

Has this been dragging on long enough that you are losing hope?

Almost every day we hear someone say, “I wish I had come here six months ago.” Or “My friend kept telling me I should come here, but I didn’t want to drive that far. I'm so glad I finally listened.” Or “Why doesn’t everyone do this?”

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We want results for you.

At Kirchner Clinic we’ve spent 60 years combining so many approaches into our treatments that we are surprised if we don’t see improvement very quickly.

Finding ways to get quick results

  • We have an excellent track record helping thousands of patients with neck & back pain, headaches, shoulder, knee, and hip pain, and so much more...

Each customized treatment plan includes exactly the protocols designed to help you the most:

  • Gentle and effective chiropractic treatments
  • Acupressure without needles
  • Cranial therapy
  • Kinesiology (muscle balancing)
  • Among many others...
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Our hearts break when we see people missing out on life due to health struggles.

We know that your time and your activities with your friends and family create the memories that you cherish. So often we see people struggling and not being able to keep up.

See if we can help...

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What people say

"I live in a large city over two hours away from Dr. Darren and Dr. Kelley, and I am surrounded by hundreds of doctors of every kind, and I rely on them for all of my care because they have done more to help me than any other doctor has in 30 years."

Leslie Butler

O'Fallon, MO

"I've learned to call the Kirchner Clinic when I'm hurting. Chiropractic, acupressure, muscle work...they always get me feeling better."

Tilly Linn

Southeast Iowa

"What I love about Kirchner Clinic is that they really listen and they personalize the care to get me back to normal the fastest."

Janie Shipman

Southeast Iowa

How to get started:

Step One

Come in for an appointment.

Step Two

We will customize a treatment protocol to your specific problem.

Step Three

You can get back to enjoying your life!

At Kirchner Clinic we know that you want to be an active, healthy person. In order to do that, you need help you can trust. The problem is there is so much advice out there that doesn’t deliver as promised which makes you feel hopeless. 

We believe in safe, effective, and natural answers. We understand the frustration you feel when you can’t keep up with the activities you want to be doing which is why we have spent 60 years combining the best options into our treatment protocol. 

Here’s how we do it: 1. Come in for an appointment. 2. We’ll customize a treatment protocol to your specific problem. 3. You can get back to enjoying your life.

So, give us a call for an appointment. And in the meantime, watch our video. So, you can stop searching for help and get back to enjoying life.

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Meet Drs. Darren & Kelley Kirchner

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